Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Day In Life of a High School Girl


It’s Tuesday morning in Phnom Penh. Sixteen-year-old Keo Kalyan (In de nick: DeeDee) gets up at 5:30 as usual. She goes to de bathroom, takes a quick shower, and brushes her teeth, dresses up in a pink T-shirt, pink pants, and pink PUMA shoes with white-and-pink socks. Then she grabs her school bag, wears her ZEUS helmet and rides her Super Cup C50 to school at 6am. After the one-hour math extra class, she has breakfast with her friends, and then she continues her study.

When classes finish at 9 in de morning, Kalyan returns home. When she’s home, she reads the newspapers (Cambodia Daily, Int’l Herald Tribune…), writes some texts to post in her blog cuz she was born with the nature of having thoughtful days. While she’s writing a text, 1sms received in her mobile phone from her friend, “A thank you” message for Kalyan for sending her friend the Extract, her precious note she’s taken from a book she’s read, The Present. Next, she makes a “Don’t mention it!” reply. After enjoying her work, it’s time for her to pick up her little cousin from school at 10:30. Around a quarter to 12, it’s lunch time with her family. After meal, she sits at de balcony in front of her apartment reading her bookworm English story book till 1:30. Then she takes a shower and time to rest—having a nap. Feeling good and full energy after a 45minutes-relaxing, she goes on her unfinished-writing text on de topic “My typical day” till finish. Around 3o’clock, she gets up, have a shower again and prepare her IELTS books and her stuff for English class. Her foreign language class is not started yet till 5:30pm, but she’s going to De Guided Individual learning Centre, some kinda self-access library at her English school to practice listening, do homework and surf the net for free. She isn’t home till her English class finishes. At last, at about 8pm she comes back home, cheerfully shows her parents the sponsoring form sheet she has just got from her teacher (who will sponsor 30% in the school fee next term) for being a good, hard-working, active student in class. Then she happily typing a text message and sends to her friends to tell this news to them. She enjoys her dinner alone at the kitchen. Night falls, Kalyan gets ready to bed and falls asleep.

Weekend is a care free but busy day. On Sunday, it’s time to have family-union. Kalyan is de only child in de family; thus, almost every Sunday her cousins always come to visit her and spend whole day at her home. De house looks messy cuz of mountainous piles of toys all around it, everywhere! Yet de family members are all still happy and warm. Some weekends, Kalyan has lunch party at home. Occasionally, she and her family members go out to other resorts to refresh their minds from de busy weekdays. In de evening, Kalyan often go out to do some sport at de Public Park near Independent Monument where people go there to play badminton, jogging, bicycling with her mum and her cousins. After a tiring evening, her family likes to go to Sorya shopping to eat fast food like pizza, burger and go shopping around.


Anonymous said...

Hey Oun Toch robos a hear! Your daily life is like a novel. I'm nearly breathless while reading this. What a Magical, dynamic girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey you did very good job in minute writing. Very good writer.
Congratulation for getting 30% sponsor. you should get 100%.
From Rithy

deedee said...

A hear wanna robos oun toch: oh a hear! i could see no point which can prove dat ma daily life is like a novel! where? how can u say dat huh? hey.. a magical gal? u wanna say dat m a Witch??? :?

Rithy: oh thanks a trillion for every comment in ma blog na! oh 30% is very lucky for me! m so happy dat i can get $54 off! ;D

keu daravuth said...

I used to have such of ur activities when i was in cambodia.Now everything seems to be changed.:(

I like that kinda activities.Now i just stay at my room .Keeping busy with internet,French class,eat...repeated activities ... so bored

deedee said...

oh yep! i agree... so bored just staying in de room n keep doing repeated activities...

vii said...

hmm.. you make me miss my high school time :(

deedee said...

ha! bro! u miss ya hi-school days? but at least u've already been through it once! for me i am just walking on it now! so don miss it ey na!



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