Saturday, July 29, 2006

holidays in Sihanouk Ville


well.. now m posting from Sihanouk ville which is de Sea and Beach city in cambodia! welll.. de internet usage here costs quite expensive, 4000riels/ $1 per hour! it's quite high! yeah i spend 3days here staying at NGI CHHE hotel.. i come here with my family... wel.. wanna kno more about my trip, comments me! ;D


Hollyplanet said...

Good lucky princes. Yr life is much full of happiness.

weera said...

OK.!! enjoy with your trip sister
but u can show me about ur pic with this trip too ??
want see nass ^hahahahah*

Andrew said...

hi dee

please tell me about Internet service providers (ISP) in Cambodia.

I think it's a bit expensive to use internet there.

Anonymous said...

I love the Sihanouk beach - The beach and mountainous city looks like a paradise or another country. Dont call bong tov phong??!! Alright, next time, then.
Enjoy yourself na!

Hollyplanet said...

let enjoy Khmerican idol, and lot of video of khmer:

Hope you like.

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deedee said...

Hollyplanet: yep! i'l log on to c how great it is!

weera: hah sorry! i havent taken any pic there te cuz i hav lots of them already since countless last visits ;D (de truth is dat i forget to bring de camera ;p)

a hear wanna: oh donno u wanna go there too! ok next time la.. ;)

andrew: oh in phnom penh is cheap but at sihanouk ville is a bit expensive.

scott: really? wazzat? free? free traffic to my website? wat do u really wanna mean huh? well but thanks for ya info anyway...

ThaRum said...

I stayed at that guest house. I was there on July the 15-16.

deedee said...

oh i see! different time :h~!

Anonymous said...

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sokhodom said...

heh sis, posts some photos of sihanouk Ville ya.

I've just backed from Sihanouk Ville few days back. It was downpour when I was there though. Happy to be back home in all case :D

Anonymous said...

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