Friday, July 07, 2006

See Wát's this?


this is de scene of de zoo which ma lil cousin, my 10-year-old cousin, design in AAA Logo... how d'ya think abt dis one? any common?


Anonymous said...

Woww... how genuis he is!!! He really deserves to be your cousin :-p

Anonymous said...

Well good creative idea and imagination. He is following yr track. He will be much more advance than u even, coz of best teacher, environment, and facility. Keep on yr job. From Rithy

mungkol said...


deedee said...

Wanna: yep he's some kinda genius but he's a lil stupid some times! ;P

Rithy: hah! m not he's teacher! never tell him to do such dat fing! he's just got de idea himself te!

Mungkol: creative? thanks! u can see his pic in ma blog! guess which one! ;D



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