Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Sudden Disaster


This evening at about 3o'clock, there has been a fire at the alley behind The Ministry of Commerce, the back door of my flat is along that alley too! It's not far from my home cuz i could feel the smoke and see the flame! This little disaster is caused by the burn of de electricity wire from the house which there is only about 10 houses between my apartment and the one which caught de fire! soon after de chaos just happen about 2 mins, the fire truck arrived, but luckily, the fire has been put out by de neighbors just seconds before the firefighter come! As i know everything is back to normal, i get ready to my english school at 3:10.

As a result, nobody is seriously injured and nufin lots has been destroyed too!

This is such a sudden disaster which takes only just 15mins.


Anonymous said...

So how was yr feeling at that time? What would yo do if it was seriously happening fire? Just want to see yr idea, when s.th happen unpredictedly. From Rithy

mungkol said...

It's good that noone is injured!

deedee said...

Rithy: oh ma feelin was not very shock cuz i don think dat serious.! so nufin much affected ma feeling!

Mungkol: yep no one is injured! i m hapi too! anyway, how's ya day there? workin on ya fulbright scholarship?

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