Monday, July 24, 2006

Mentally Miserable Feeling!


Mum don't love me anymore
what's more in this life to explore?
Her care my precious stuff in life
Without it, how could I survive?
One li'l cutie boy is tearing my heart
I've never expected that from the start
He takes away everything I used to have
And make mum do what she never behave
Outside I pretend to be strong and tough
Yet mentally it's very painful enough
I have to ignore and cry when they're makin' fun
Hurting alot that sometimes I am stunned
My tears fall down on the pages
While my brain seems wanting to break
Didn't recognise my tears were easily drop
When dried out, pain inside can't never be stopped
Note: If you see any wrong grammar, it's the rule of poem composing.


Anonymous said...

So sad and disappointed poem, but Y it is yr mom? I think she likes u so much Nah? her only kid, and very proud of u. Rithy

mungkol said...

Good poem!

But dont tell me that it's your story ;)

weera said...

So sad poem!!
how ever..I think ur mum love you..
some time u feel lonly u can go to listening this music :
(u can listening ok ?? )

weera said...

deedee said...

rithy and mungkol: yep so sad! sad poem! thanks for reading it! oh up to ya thinking... but i am de only child in de family na! de li'l princess at home nor ;D

weera: yep of course mum does love me so much! ok if i hav time i'l go listen to it na! thanks...

Sopha said...

Nice poem, little Princess! ;)

deedee said...

yer welcome sist!

Anonymous said...

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