Monday, January 22, 2007

Bad start....


After a joyful weekend, things go wrong de next day. What a stressful and upset Monday moring of the week... Everything is error...I can't post images in my blog. Errors on page! Seeing useless documents and files, Viruses....Tension.... Many bad emotions run up to me! Mobitel phone service is also bad these days... I lost much from my account uselessly... Unsuccessful duration! Unexpected news and replies drive me dull... What a GREAT start of the week!


Daravuth KEU said...

Bad Start,Best finish...;)

Suy Prasoeur said...

You notice it when you are upset, but you never notice it when you are happy!

DeeDee said...

daravuth: yeah i hope so too!

Prasoeur: of course! wen we're hapi, we've no time to think of the unhapi moment, but wen we r upset, everything goes wrong!

Didi (^;^) said...

everybody all has his / her own dreadful moments of life, every unexpected n terrible problems come up to us, but the main thing is how we handle it...So pls don't be depressed, leave a smile on ya face n welcome all the bad n unpleasant events with care, try to find the best way to solve it perfectly, without regret or remorse!!! (*';'*)



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