Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let upgrade now! Fight, Me!


“When people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success.” Do you agree with the quotation above? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

In my opinion, I think hard work and luck go along together. Destiny is de guideline. But hard work is needed first, and then luck goes along after that and will catch up with hard work at a destination, the succeed point.

Until now, I just know that my trend of progress of my life and my study is a downward one, when I do math exercises and my way of thinking.

Firstly, let me talk about the progress of my education at school. For example, I cannot do a medium level algebra sequence exercise of math at all when I just see it, I think I could do it, but when I hold a pen and about to solve it, I cannot find the solution which is very easy to do. Moreover, I couldn’t fulfill all my tasks on time and perfectly at all. There are always light mistakes and confusion. I can’t ever get 100% for my test at high school at all except English subject. I was about to fail my literature composition test. My math test was also the same. For physic, chemistry and the rest are not bad, just between 75% to 98%. In addition, I find myself so joyful and skillful at moral and social studies. I rarely do self-study and research at home, I seldom use my study software after school; besides, I do something else when I am in front of my pc screen. Ok, it is New Year now; also, it’s gonna be time my semester 1 exam take place as well. I think it’s not too late, I still can recover my learning trend, right? Nothing is too late if I know my faults of laziness and carelessness and I change.

Next, let’s move on to my general trend aside from study. I began to find my self-development remained constant, no no! Not leveled out, but decrease! Haha… The more I face, the older I am, the worst me! OMG! Ok whatever… I commit, not promise myself, to do a serious upgrade as to get back to my ex-me after many feelings brought me troubles than peace! Lolz… Fight, me! It’s time to upgrade now, Dee! I cannot stay in this situation at all. A Khmer girl in the blogosphere, need to be good or I’ll be an unqualified citizen without success cuz no hard work. I don’t wait for luck at all! J

How about you??? Any opinion? Hope to get construction criticism or suggestion na! Thanks before hand! (^ , ^)


Lyda said...

whatever I still think you are de good girl na Dee Dee. And I am sure that you can recover everythings! believe me!.

Bye buddy.

Socheath said...

I'd perfer to repeat my term: "trying hard with all of our best can make us a peace in mind no mater how result's". But chance to triumph is dued to industriously hard work, rite! However, if we try to do sth that we don't expect to succeed (over-estimated or too excessively hard), it means we are walking in a dream and luck is what awaited. Hard-working level of ppl are neva the same. Ppl've got their own potential, so be sure to spend our lives on what we are good at in order to win. Briefly, I neva give up my greedily set attempts with industriousness and neva forget to search around for available chances matched to my capacity and talent. Cos I'm afraid fate neva brings my ambition the expected result, at least I could have sth in my hands, anyway.

I can feel you're in a mixture of hope and disappointment! You're becoming a grown-up! I think you feel like 2 different ppl (good and bad) in your only one figure, rite? Just know the mistakes is not enuf, but solutions and willing to re-try is strongly required! Solutions must be found out by your closest ones to you, such as: parents, closed experienced relatives know you the most(I don't wanna recommend frns, cos they're not really aware of all you want and think) and yourself.

Know, I always dream to re-live my childhood, cos full of victories and happiness even if we're in poorest situation! Children and adults have their own stuffs to play; the older we are, the more complicated stuffs to detail!

Don't think or worry too much, but try to set in order what you must do: Bac II with acceptable grade, university life to live (scholarship abroad), to join real society (use what you are awareness to make joy),...

Sorry dear, if I said sth you dislike! Inconnu Bro.

hp said...

Luck, it is the word I use when I have nothing to do to change the result. If I can do something to improve result, LUCK is a result of effort, I think.
In japanese, LUCK:運 is a word derived from the word MOVE:運ぶ. Japanese says because we move, luck comes after. So there is no LUCK if no MOVEMENT.
I don't mean to praise japanese, but it is my view toward LUCK.
Socheath explained thoroughly about what should be done. I absolutely agree with him.
Hope your work go smoothly!

Didi (^;^) said...

Keep going, Dee! I have faith in U! i no u can make it!

But if u need any comment, i think Bro Socheath has mentioned clearly without a shadow of a doubt, i found him a very experienced, good adviser whom v can consult with...

I feel so ashamed that i can't give u not even a short or brief comment, u no what? Simple thing, cos m too young to no that, m sure that v r in the same age, so how can i give u advice tov??? 8-)

DeeDee said...

thanks to u all so much na! ok, hardwork... make 98% of life, but attitude makes 100%! yo i'll try my best to be de best! (oh! let me check out, nobody's here! ok no one will know this te norh? ) ahhaaha

Lyda said...

I think that we can advice or give somebody good good advices but we ourself could not follow like what we have sugguest them te. Sorry all of blogger here. I don't mean like this to you guys te. But just my personal view te. Bong Socheath, hp and didi you are all good advicers. M impress. You guys have many many good experiences and wonderful defination. I will take your perfect model to practise.

Socheath said...

Well, sorry, I forget to tell you guys that "Saying out" is easy, but "doing" is not!

Everyone has their own way of thinking and behaving, so I think you have to match what I said and the situation you're living before following. By the way, I can share only one of many wayouts of problems, still you, yourself to choose and to decide to cope with. What a person experienced might not be really the others' current problem.

Just try to synthesize all ideas and advices, if you guys haven't started yet! Think it's time to do that! Ok!

Didi (^;^) said...

Yeah, i agreed with u, Bro Socheath. I'll follow your kind advice that pinch me n awake my sense of consciousness...Thanks for that nah!

Lyda : In fact, m not a good advicer who have many good experiences and wonderful definations te, m only a kid that haven't maturely grown up yet. Hence, how can i be a good advicer tov? Pls dont having me on ey na, or s.o will mock at me nah...

DeeDee said...

Lyda: haha... lyda, yeah, it's hard to follow, but just try de best we can, right?

Hp: i'll make movement so then de luck will fly apolo as to catch up with me! haha! lolz...

Bro socheat: No worry bro, i find ya advice is possible, no matter what, i'l try ma best potential possible... never try, never fail.. that's life! lolzz.. :P

Didi: Yo titi kiddy cutie okie! haha,,, hey, at least u r about to reach 20 hery na! nov jang khmeng dol na teat ha! u used to tell me u r saving ya money for ya marriage in de future nus ey! Lolz.. ;D

Didi (^;^) said...

r u joking with me, DD??? I think i've never told u about that te na, i've only told u that i have been saving $$$ for my new PC...Opps! talk about PC, i haven't totally got a full set of PC te, now i have only Monitor n PC table, so i gotta save more $$$ for the system unit n.....Shame on me!!!! (*';'*)



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