Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dark Night Work...


It's quite late at night, i still remain quietly in my room to do some self-study as I have DNA lesson the next day for Biological subject session. There are some technical words which is a bit difficult to define or understand without checking them in dictionary. This is what i hate the most! i don't like using dictionary at all as i have a bad and lazy habit, whenever i meet the word i don't know, i just try to understand it by context and then skip it.

But yeah, everyday i never stay up this late, but i don't feel sleepy at all when i study. in contrast, i could get everything i learn and finish all quick questions related to Genetic Code too! ok, next time, i'll learn by using this method for other subjects! :D


Suy Prasoeur said...

Good work deedee, but don't be too late for bed or your eyes will get darker in the morning, I mean around your eyes ...

Lyda said...

Hey Dee Dee perfect. I do like biology nas na esp ADN or gence, genetic science. I do love studying it. And I want to ask you that do you have any videos clip about it? I mean the videos of gence or action of gence in our body...? have it? I can see from your computer that you have. Oh please share it to me. I really want to know more. Thanks before head.

And hey I have never seem a computer in your room before. Have you just put it? Your computer looks better than mine. Mine is so old.

Ok, hope you can share bioloy videos to me na. C you.

Pooh said...

Nice computer!!! U study about DNA and I study about Gene, hahahah that's cool! I understand, the words are soooo hard, chromosomes, meiosis... I hate to find it in dictionary too! How late was it when u take the photo? It look cool, i like working at night time, u? But don't stay too late, cuz when u go to school by the next day people will say "look! a Panda run out of the zoo in China and run to Cambodia!!!" get my joke? (its mean that u will look like panda when u get black spot around ur eyes na) ahahhah

Socheath said...

Well, I really wanna see u as a titan, as I used to say. But, I'd prefer to see u succeed with happy face smiling at me and your body and soul share that with u too.

Good u can learn without falling asleep at desk! Let think of your favorite field waiting for u to study, transform it into force to study other subjects to get hi-score in bacII. Remember that subjects have their own tricks to study (some requires to learn by heart, some just to understand main idea, some need to be advanced by do many exes,...)

Rite, no one likes every subject! In bac, I used to give up some of my favorite activities to gain more time.

Be fresh to study! If u find onself not feel good enuf, just stop and relax or have a freshly cold shower or watering over your head to reveal freshness. Think of ya aim, so u'll be able to concentrate well... Inconnu Bro!

Didi (^;^) said...

As i said earlier in the previous post mentioning about Bro Socheat, Saying that he is a good consultant, he always give u the best advice, method n tricks how to fight against the stumbling-block that come up to us. m really hat-off to him, DeeDee, from which corner do u get him??? I really envy u nas neak....Opps! Sorry, m out of the subject hery.

Dee, v've got the same bad habit, i hate checking dictionary too, i always try to make myself clear the words by the context too, but it's working smoothly te, 50% i get the wrong meaning, but it doesn't completely wrong te, just a bit far from its meaning...hehhe!

Moreover, I think night-time is the best period of time that v can concentrate entirely on what v r doing, cos when hard work is needed, silence is also required to get along with, cos when v put our heart toward n want to acheive it, v need silence in order to mull things over...agree with me????

DeeDee said...

thanks you all so much na for giving me such useful comments i need to consider and keep in mind.

lyda: it's not a video, just pic... u can find de lesson site via google na. ICT learnin way! haahah

singachea said...

When I read a new word, I assume that I didn't see it.

Lyda said...

Huh funny? you mean m stupid?! yes that's right, I'm stupid. But anyways, it doesn't matter as we are good friend together. I don't mind.

Hey Tey! I definately know you must have been working hard than us. hahahah~~~You a de good girl like Dee Dee too.

chea sophea said... you want to know something more about DNA? Just try to Wikipedia and then you will you get it.
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