Saturday, January 27, 2007

Night scene in My World...


The Piggy world of me.... I love cute fatty colorful piggies!
here is my cute home-swee-home.... looks cool and romantic,,,, isn't it??? Love it or not??? wanna live with such this sweet night???


Didi (^;^) said...

Yahee....what an attractive n eye-catching your room n house is!!! m about to fall in love with your mesmerizing creative room hery!!! What makes u feel like that???

Daravuth KEU said...

really cute!!! interest me!!! :)

Suy Prasoeur said...

Beautiful and lovely house! Hehe, its toilet must be a lot cuter hoey merl tov!

DeeDee said...

>>didi: hahah! wheneva i'm not hapi from school, i turn off all de light, make my room dark, then turn on de pinky dim lights to refresh my feeling... then i am hapi n warm with my cutie stuffs!

>>daravuth: u like it? call me to hav ya inner room designed tov jeng!

>>Prasoeur: haha.. but act, there is no toilet te.... hahah

Pooh said...

Look cute, u did it by urself? Amazing!!! I bet i would never comes up with this idea!!!

Didi (^;^) said...
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Didi (^;^) said...

Oh...good idea !!! well, m gonna keep my $$$ for decor'ing ma room as well hery merl tov, but how can? i've been spending much money day-in day-out, how can i save tov? God, pls! show me the way pls!!!

Jolin said...

oh DeeDee it just a crazy stuff.
u r so very brag. i knoe u ca design ur own Web page,i can too,visit my pageis"" but i dont as brag as u.and u just like a crazy 5 years kid!! u no u do that foe telling some boy that u r beautiful, clever,ur room is good and sweet.u 1 2 quickly have a boy marrie u , be ur husband?



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